Did you negotiate your job offer?

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“After a long job search, there’s no better feeling than getting a job offer. In your excitement, you may waste no time accepting, without trying to negotiate salary or benefits. After all, it’s a competitive job market, and you should just be happy you got a job, right?”…Did you negotiate your job offer?

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Calming Workplace Anxiety with Self-Compassion

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“14 inShare email We’ve all had those days at work: you’re running late, you miss a deadline, you’re supposed to be at a meeting and you’re stuck in traffic; your boss criticizes your work. Or maybe that’s not you: maybe your work day actually goes fine, but you pressure yourself to be perfect, to be better, or to do more. “…Calming Workplace Anxiety with Self-Compassion

Hopefully everything you just read will help you make some positive changes in your career. If you want additional advice and information about this topic and careers, then read our other articles. They are available in the links below, so just click on those that you want to read.

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Mastering Healthy Working Relationships

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“Let’s face it, business relationships can be tough and some even adversely impact careers and the bottom line. Although relationships are a fundamental aspect of the human experience, our dealings with co-workers and superiors as well as clients and customers are often riddled with strife and consternation. Difficult workplace relationships are far more than a nuisance, as they can cause anxiety, burnout, clinical depression and even physical illness. What’s more, highly toxic workplace affiliations can undermine your professional success and threaten your livelihood at large.”…Mastering Healthy Working Relationships

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What’s Really Holding Women Back In The Workplace?

In order to become successful in life, the appropriate skills are necessary. If you have questions about skills training, then the article below can give you the answers that you’re looking for. It’s an easy read that offers a lot of advice that anyone can use.

“We live in a world where this is possible. What it will take will be to sit at the table next to men, lean in, and speak up with confidence and ambition. What it will take to be heard and heeded is to fight the persistent stereotypes and perceptions which diminish women. One reason stereotypes exist and persist is because, as much as we don’t want to admit it, there is usually an element of truth in them”…What’s Really Holding Women Back In The Workplace?

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How to Be Successful Even When Under Stress

Learning new career skills can take a lot of hard work and most people don’t know where to start. The article below can teach you all you need to know about skills training so that you are no longer lost and confused. This can lead to more opportunities and success!

“Got stress? If you’re like 75% of other Americans, you’ve experienced moderate to high levels of stress in the past month, and often lie awake at night because of it. Trying to balance the demands of your work and family life can stretch even the strongest among us to the breaking point. But there is a way to be successful and productive even when under stress, says Sharon Melnick, PhD and author of “Success Under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive When the Pressure’s On.””…How to Be Successful Even When Under Stress

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