I’m Jed Sose from Hays, KS and I’m 65 years old. I’m the owner of this blog and I just retired a few months ago. I started writing because I’ve been intrigued by blogs ever since I’ve been able to start using the internet without the help of my children. Now that I have extra spare time on my hands, I figured I’d share about what I know! For years I was a teacher at a career training school.

I’ve taught students of ALL ages how to become professionals without having to go through years of regular schooling. I’ve felt very rewarded with my career, as I helped a lot of people achieve their goals and dreams. I know school is important, but so is career training. Without this, where would you learn what you need to do in order to become an expert or professional? My advice is here for everyone to read, so hopefully I can help out as many people as possible!


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